Our 3D modelling application is the first module of Orthopedic Surgery 3D Planner series. It is a basic part of pre-surgical 3D planning software. This medical software supports pre-operative planning for orthopedic surgical interventions in the hip region. It allows uploading of 3D DICOM image of patients hip and three-dimensional femur model creation. It may be then printed with use of 3D printing technology to obtain an actual model. The application is also suitable for the isolation of bone tissue in veterinary medicine.

The advantages of the application: fully compatible with DICOM standards, imports CT, MRI and PET studies, generates 3D models of separated tissues and allows for separation of femur and hip bone, easy to use software will make a 3D model for you within just a few clicks, designed for 64-bit systems, it employs multithreading for maximum performance, innovative data preview.

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